Turn K8s Data Into an Always Available, Global Declarative Resource!

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Take your business and data anywhere in real-time

Statehub’s App Warping™  Technology Unleashes Your Stateful K8s Applications By Turning Your Data Into a Declarative, Agnostic Resource, Available On Any Public Cloud Infrastructure.

  • Universal Data Availability: Stress-free Disaster Recovery (DR), resume operations anywhere at any time with real-time data.
  • Ensure Data Resiliency: Continuous Data Protection (CDP).
  • Unmatched Operational Flexibility: Seamless Multicloud app portability.

Bringing data to Kubernetes Is easy…

Making it universally available, and resilient is not…

What if you could decouple data from its physical location?

Turning data into an always-on, synced, self-healing resource.

Introducing Statehub –  A managed declarative Global K8s Data Fabric that assures data availability across public cloud regions simply by registering a cluster to Statehub with a single line of code:

Self-service production-grade environments

  • Empower development with the power to spin-off environments on the fly, with synced data.
  • Easily develop cloud-agnostic applications, ready to run across any public cloud.
  • Automate replication, networking, and storage, let your developers focus on developing.

DBs on Statehub

Statehub removes stateful deployment complexity, giving you a turnkey solution that supports ANY DATABASE, turning it into an always-on resource, available for recovery, development, analytics.

  • Multi-region and multicloud replication
  • High Availability (HA)
  • Production-grade architecture
  • Workflow standardization across public cloud infrastructures

Seeing is believing

Start your Statehub journey with our free tier – 100GB of unrestrained Kubernetes storage.

Transparent pricing; pay as you go; no commitments, no strings attached.

Our pricing table

Single Region Single Region Multi AZ Multi Cloud MultiRegion
Total Price Per GB/Month Starting at 10¢ Starting at 20¢ Starting at 40¢
Replication Infrastructure
Private Link Monthly Cost
Egress Charges
AZ Resiliency (HA)
Cross Region Resiliency
Zero Recovery Point Objective (RPO)
Cross Cloud Resiliency
Reserverd Capicty Minimal Cost None None None
Subscription Fee None None None
Setup Fee None None None