Mar 30, 2022 |

Can Data on Kubernetes Become Declarative? Platform9, DoK, and Statehub Joint Webinar

We got together with DoKC (Data on Kubernetes Community) and Platform9, to discuss – can data on Kubernetes become declarative, just like its infrastructure? The full webinar is available here.

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Feb 27, 2022 |

Cloud Agnostic Strategy- the Good, the Bad, and the Impossible?

Having a cloud-agnostic strategy means your company does not rely on a single cloud vendor but instead uses multiple vendors to ensure business continuity. In this article, we’ll review the benefits and drawbacks of this approach.

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Jan 18, 2022 |

Unlocking the Benefits of Kubernetes for Multicloud

Even though multicloud has many benefits, it is less popular among K8s users. What are the challenges K8s users are facing and how can they be resolved? Michael Greenberg explores in this post.

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Dec 16, 2021 |

Deploying an Apache Kafka Cluster Using the Strimzi Operator with Cross-Region or Multicloud Availability

This guide walks you through the process of deploying a stateful Kafka cluster on a Kubernetes cluster, using the latest version of the Strimzi operator for simplifying Kafka management, with Statehub as a data service enabling cross-region and multicloud business continuity.

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