About WeSure

WeSure develops a digital insurance platform with a user experience that is advanced and simple to operate. The company aims to lead the digital revolution in the insurance market by creating an agile end-to-end digital insurance company based on the newest technology that provides maximum efficiency, flexibility, and transparency.

WeSure would like to make sure customers can purchase and access insurance policies 24/7 via the company website, therefore they would like to implement a high availability configuration that would maintain business continuity and an excellent level of service on the company’s website.

The Current Situation

The WeSure website serves tens of thousands of customers per month. The frontend part of the website was built on WordPress and runs on a single machine as shown below:


WeSure Case Study - Current Situation Statehub

This configuration currently has stability issues. The website needs to be available to existing customers as well as potential ones, especially in times when marketing campaigns are taking place, therefore an alternative configuration is required.

Using Statehub

By using Statehub, a new configuration was built, where the WP monolith was divided into containers (microservices):

  1. A WP container that includes all the dynamic files, including photos, videos, etc.
  2. MySQL in K8s on Statehub

WeSure Case Study - Using Statehub


The containers were built with a smart deployment that knows how to increase the number of replica sets according to the number of connections. In the WP frontend, a smart load balancer recognizes CPU, memory, or connection loads, and knows how to replicate itself according to current needs.


Within a few days, a new configuration was deployed and dramatically improved the performance of WeSure’s website. WeSure’s customers are now able to purchase and access insurance policies 24/7 via the company website, with a high availability configuration that enables business continuity and an excellent level of service.

WeSure was also able to implement a business continuity configuration and enjoy these benefits:

  • Assure resiliency in case of a failure in the region or in the cloud, with a geo-replicated configuration allowing them to move their operation to another region or cloud in seconds.
  • Deploy an entire Business Continuity Environment that does not require maintenance and can run on any public cloud infrastructure, and can easily be scaled whenever and wherever needed.
  • Assure no data loss in case of a disaster with Zero Recovery Point Objective (RPO) technology.
  • Neutralize data gravity by establishing seamless data mobility, unconstrained by distance or cloud provider.
  • Enjoy multicloud support with a data-agnostic managed service, and utilize the full flexibility and scalability of the public cloud, freeing them to use multiple cloud vendors.

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