About IoTen

IoTen provides smart and secure IoT solutions for various industries:

  • For coffeehouse chains – by analyzing data in real-time from coffee machines, and providing information about malfunctions, shortages, and other business insights.
  • For lock manufacturers with keyless biometric entry – allowing users, such as hotel guests, to lock or open their room door using an application.

Each of these smart devices, whether a coffee machine or a biometric lock, reports its status to Eclipse Mosquitto, an open-source MQTT message broker. Any failures in the server where the broker is deployed caused a crisis, causing coffee machines to not report or smart locks to not work properly – and all smart devices had to be restarted.

Project Goals

IoTen would like to maintain its business continuity and prevent data loss in case of system failures. Therefore, they are comparing keeping their current solution (Azure SQL) vs. Statehub.

By implementing a new solution, they are also looking to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Reduce Costs – save on compute, license, and egress expenses, and lower DR costs.
  2. Maintain Consistency between MQTT message broker and AzureSQL – to avoid service inconsistency both systems should resume operation together and be time consistent.
  3. Unify Cluster Communication – so there is no need to set up networking and configuration between MQTT message broker and AzureSQL.

The Current Solution: AzureSQL

Currently, IoTen has their Disaster Recovery (DR) site setup in Azure EastUS. Their current solution is geo-replication with AzureSQL.


SecurePush Case Study - Current Situation Statehub


Using Statehub

By using Statehub, IoTen achieved a simplified deployment, as shown below:


SecurePush Case Study - Using Statehub


Cost Analysis

The monthly cost breakdown for the Azure SQL implementation is as follows when compute and license make up the bulk of the costs:

SecurePush Cost Table


By using Statehub, IoTen is saving on compute, license, and egress expenses, lowering DR costs to $90. Statehub delivers more than 94% DR cost saving compared to Azure SQL.

SecurePush Cost Saving - Statehub



By choosing to implement Statehub, IoTen was able to achieve the project goals:

  • Save more than 94% on DR costs.
  • Prevent service inconsistency and assure MQTT message broker and AzureSQL resume operations together.
  • Achieve unified cluster communication without networking and configuration setup.

IoTen can also enjoy the benefits of maintaining a stable business continuity environment:

  • Assure resiliency in case of a failure in the region or in the cloud, with a geo-replicated configuration allowing them to move their operation to another region or cloud in seconds.
  • Deploy an entire Business Continuity Environment that does not require maintenance and can run on any public cloud infrastructure, and can easily be scaled whenever and wherever needed.
  • Assure no data loss in case of a disaster with Zero Recovery Point Objective (RPO) technology.
  • Neutralize data gravity by establishing seamless data mobility, unconstrained by distance or cloud provider.
  • Enjoy multicloud support with a data-agnostic managed service, and utilize the full flexibility and scalability of the public cloud, freeing them to use multiple cloud vendors.

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