Take your
business and data anywhere in real-time


Unrestricted business continuity and application mobility with Statehub App Warping™

Business continuity
across regions
and clouds is difficult

Protect your apps
simply by registering
your clusters with

Introducing Statehub – a completely managed stateful Kubernetes business continuity service for all your stateful needs deployed with a single line of code.

Creating flexible
production grade
is now easy

Unleash your data from geography or infrastructure constraints.

From deployment
to Day 2 operations

Statehub is designed to give stateful K8s applications the same level of operational flexibility as you enjoyed with stateless deployments.


Seeing is believing

Start your Statehub journey with our free tier – 100GB of Multicloud native unrestrained Kubernetes storage each month.
Transparent pricing; pay as you go; no commitments, no strings attached.

Our pricing table

Single Region Single Region Multi AZ Multi Cloud MultiRegion
Total Price Per GB/Month Starting at 10¢ Starting at 20¢ Starting at 40¢
Replication Infrastructure
Private Link Monthly Cost
Egress Charges
AZ Resiliency (HA)
Cross Region Resiliency
Zero Recovery Point Objective (RPO)
Cross Cloud Resiliency
Reserverd Capicty Minimal Cost None None None
Subscription Fee None None None
Setup Fee None None None