Business Continuity,
Unconstrained by Geography
and Infrastructure

Business Continuity Challenge

To recover from any sort of disaster and assure business continuity for stateful K8s applications on the public cloud 3 things need to be available for your cluster:

The Kubernetes
Business Continuity Challenge

Configuration and container images are usually on a globally available service not bound to a cloud vendor or location

The Kubernetes
Business Continuity Challenge

Data availability, on the other hand, relies on the physical location of your data storage device, restricting your business continuity options.

Replication is Not Enough for Recovery
Data Does Not Exist In A Vacuum

Statehub is deeply integrated with Kubernetes
Your application will find its data anywhere in the world, without making any changes to its configuration

Application Mobility
Over Any Distance

Stateful multicloud K8s app mobility, unconstrained by geography, and infrastructure.

Statehub Decouples
Your Application State
From the Location
of its Storage

Freeing your data to be available where you need it, giving your app the ability to switch locations between public cloud providers as if they were one.

Your Application
State Is Now Free

The Freedom Not to Choose
Enjoy unprecedented levels of operational flexibility. Move your operation to a different region or cloud whenever it makes the most business sense

Take Your
Business and Data

Anywhere in

A completely managed stateful Kubernetes protection service for all your stateful needs, deployed with a single line of code. It just works, on any cluster, anywhere in the world regardless of geography or infrastructure.

Success Stories

We take pride in helping customers enjoy the true benefits of the public cloud, reducing the barrier of entry to deploy complex resilient K8s stateful applications to a single line of code.

How Doxi Assures Business Continuity With Statehub

Summary   Doxi provides an advanced digital signature (E-sign) service for managing multiple signatures and approvals of organizational documents. Critical customer data is stored in a MongoDB hosted on the Azure public cloud. Given their requirement to maintain a copy at all times of every digital signature collected, they require a Business Continuity (BC) solution […]

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